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Artificial Intelligence, Territorial Planning, and 4D Environmental Maps

In this LIVE webinar you will learn about AI, its application on territorial planning and you will be shown an example of 4D environmental mapping of a Czech region called Liberec. Save your spot(s) today and agendas, reminders and replays directly in your inbox!

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Prague INSPIRE Hackathon 2019

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During This Webinar, You’ll Learn:

Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning based Land Use/Land Cover mapping to support territorial planning institutions

Map composition, social media and Liberec Atlas of Environment. You will learn how map composition is the main approach used to share geospatial information based on input from both experts (authorities) and citizens like you and me.


The Prague INSPIRE Hackathon Webinar Series 2019

Over the last decade, Bente has helped organize and hosted multiple webinars for the Earth observation communities. In these webinar, she will intoduce presentations by top experts in the fields of Earth observation data management and make sure your questions will be communicated to the experts. See you there!

Bente Lilja Bye bw

Bente Lilja Bye - BLB, Plan4All, and NextGEOSS

Here are the experts:

Ivo Fernandes

Ivo Fernandes  

Ivo will introduce the concept of AI, in particular machine learning related to territorial planning.

Karel Charvat

Karel Charvat  

Karel is enthusiatic about 3 or 4 D mapping and creates an Environmental Atlas of a region Liberec in Czechia.

January 18, 2019 // 12 pm CET 

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